Thursday, June 26, 2014


Rating: RRR
Label: AOR Heaven 2014
Review by Rich Dillon

Drive is the first full length issue from Mother Road, a band named after the iconic US highway, Route #66.  Smacked in the face with a very southern hard rock sound on the opening track, “The Sun Will Rise Again”, by track two, “Feather in Your Hat”, I couldn’t help but make comparisons to bands like The Black Crowes.  This album simply oozes a seventies blues rock feel throughout and the band is the work of collaborations between American vocalist Keith Slack and German guitarist Chris Lyne.  Joining these two are drummer Zacky Tsoukas and bassist Frank Binke along with Hammond organist Alessandro Del Vecchio who has lent his talents to such outfits as Hardline, Silent Force and Eden’s Curse among others.

“These Shoes” screams of Deep Purple and Whitesnake all in one to me while “Dangerous Highway” could easily fit in on one of today’s classic rock radio playlists.  “Poor Boy (Long Way Out)” and my personal top two picks of the album “Dirty Little Secret” and “Still Rainin’” keep things moving along nicely.  Things wrap up with “On My Way”, a slower pace acoustic track rising into an electric bluesy delight before finishing acoustically.  For me the album improved as it went along and is a good solid choice for fans of bands like Bad Company, Deep Purple, Whitesnake or just the 70’s blues rock genre in general.

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