Tuesday, December 10, 2019

HUMAN FORTESS : “Reign Of Gold”

Rating: RRR
Review by Martien Koolen

Human Fortress is a power metal band hailing from Hannover, Germany, and Reign Of Gold is their 6th studio album.

The new album contains 11 songs which are all largely guitar driven, featuring great riffs, hooks, solos and melodic guitar work by duo guitar pickers Wolf and Trost. First great song of this album is without a doubt Thunder, featuring an addictive chorus and a very melodic guitar solo in the middle. Another worthwhile track is Lucifer’s Waltz, which is slower indeed but with lots of atmosphere, while the obligatory ballad Shining Light also uses a lot of symphonic elements.

Martial Valor is a kind of folk-like influenced metal song while Legion Of The Damned is again a heavy power metal track; so there is something for everyone on this album as Reign Of Gold id indeed an excellent power metal album, although not as good as their milestone album Defenders Of The Crown, released in 2003. Human Fortress is a very competent power metal band which will certainly be to your liking if you enjoy bands like Iron Savior or Kamelot; play it f….. LOUD !!!