Thursday, June 16, 2022

SEVENTH WONDER: "The Testament"

Label: Frontiers 2022
Rating: RRRRR
Review by Kimmo Toivonen

In my books, Seventh Wonder have created the perfect mix of progressive metal and melodic rock, and this album is another example of that. Their songs are definitely not simple three-chord ones, yet they are very accessible and hook-driven. The choruses these guys can write... sheer melodic bliss! 

The musicianship is top notch of course, but not self-indulgent. There are long instrumental passages but they don't sound like they've been added as showcases for the musicians, they're integral parts of the songs. There's even one full-blown instrumental "Reflections", which might not be my favourite song but I don't usually skip it either. The band's melodic sensibility shines through even without vocals and choruses.

Speaking of vocals, Tommy Karevik shines here. His performance is soulful and passionate, one does believe every word he sings. He might be better known as the voice of Kamelot these days, but I feel that with Seventh Wonder he's truly "home". Having said that, the chorus of "The Red River" does have a strong Kamelot-vibe... these two worlds are not million miles apart.

There's not a single average track among these, but I do have my favourites: "The Light", "Invincible", "Mindkiller", "Under A Clear Blue Sky" and the heartfelt ballad "Elegy", which is almost as good as the classic "Tears For A Father" from SW's breakthrough album "Mercy Falls".

Seventh Wonder should have a genre of their own, because they aren't just a prog metal or melodic rock band... Progressive Adult Oriented Melodic Metal? PAOMM?