Sunday, January 31, 2021

POUNDER: "Breaking The World"

Rating: RR
Label: Shadow Kingdom 2021
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Pounder are another metal band stuck in a timewarp 'ala back to the future and yesterday's tomorrow. The merely seven tracks on offer on their second release, "Breaking The World", have been carefully chosen to present a broad view of the bands' influences and skills. They hail from US of A and Los Angeles and it's mostly a bit too basic and primative American Metal of the very early eighties (pre-Glam era of the Sunset Strip). Throw in the odd NWOBHM and Thrash plus some bold statements of Manowar-ish "Spoils Of War" and you're pretty much set for the naff and rampant rock.

You may recognize vocalist/guitarist Matt Harvey from his Deathgrind act Exhumed, and lead guitarist Tom Draper recently joined U.K. cult Thrashers: Carcass. Not too shabby. The band itself is surprisingly good and I especially enjoy the powerful riffing on "Hard Road To Home". The overall sound is not to dissimilar to listening to the early wave of American metal of the eighties. It's however the fun Twisted Sister, Lizzy Borden, Quiet Riot, melodies of tracks such as "Give Me Rock" that I find intriguing and it's probably the best track shout-a-long-wise.

Only seven tracks as mentioned and the thirthy seven something minutes goes by just like that. There are times when things look on the positive side, particularly when they head into the pure hair-metal jungle and arrangements. I'd say, ditch the second rate Manowar moves and melodies next time and go for the Quiet and Twisted, Lizzy. Final Verdict: It reeks of long-gone metal days/daze and you only need to take one quick glance at the artwork to understand what they're all about. You're no longer in 2021, it's rather 1981...

Saturday, January 30, 2021


Rating: RRRRr
Label: Frontiers 2021
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

"Just like a shooting star I'm gonna find my way on this broken highway". Geez. Paint by numbers lyrics and the cheesy opening of 'woh-oh's' had me seriously worried for a while, especially considering that I wasn't much of a fan of their debut. Not expecting much on the second album "II" (well, duh), but I'm pleasantly surprised as it's high quality throughout the record. Working on this follow-up album to the self-titled debut. The plan was to refine and improve the songs and approach. I'd say mission completed as everything from production, songwriting, to a new and impressive vocalist: August Rauer, add a lot of fire and cuddle-fluffy animal guts.

Keep in mind that it's extremely Poppy stuff and the likes of Fingerprints, Big Money, or Paul Rein (Swedish cult pop musician) might just sound like Slayer in the quick comparison. Nah. That's a bit over the top and not always true, lol. Do however not expect to find any 'metal' whatsoever on this platter. It's hi-tech AOR, Power-Pop, and ultra slick melodic stuff with the 80s retro in the mix. It's a little bit of everything really and it's oh-so-catchy and just a little bit corny (but in a really feel-good way).

The opening riff on "Carry On" strike up the odd moment of Treat vs. Bad Habit in the late eighties and you're about to feel the HEAT (pun intended). What the heck is up with the ultra-fast fade out on the track, "Find A Reason". Very annoying and darn right unprofessional. "Siberia" is however catchy as fudge and it's no doubt the best song about the bitterly cold and sterile landscape since the heydays of Laban (Danish Pop band of the 80s). "Face To Face" might just have you thinking about the FM song from their classic debut especially since the chorus goes and I quote, 'face to face - heart to heart'. Blimey. There's a football choir effect to be found on "Can't Stop What We Started" and the piano ballad of "Lost Without You" is a proper tearjerker. "Hold Back The Night" might just have you thinking about Glen Burtnik, with or without the 'C', but oozes of HEAT. Make no mistake. These are songs written by craftsmen and performed from the heart. Final Verdict: It's all about the hooks and they're all razor sharp and ultra catchy. Creye at Facebook

JASON BIELER: "Songs for the Apocalypse"

Rating: RRRR
Label: Frontiers 2021
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Songs for the Apocalypse? Blimey! Justin Beiber is darker and moodier than ever... huh? My bad, it's appearantly Jason Bieler and you may (or may not) recall him from SAIGON KICK of metals' past. Right down to the point. Are the songs enough to make you a Bielver? A true cult follower of Baron von Bielski's bonky Orchestra? To be perfectly honest. It's one of those albums which you need to spin over and over again and simply just slowly digest as you'll discover something new and wonderful weird on each play. It's actually pretty darn good in a 'hello friendly/wacky' way. Remember when Frankenstein's Monster asked the little girl by the water if they are friends? Ehem. I believe she ended up floating face down... ouch!

Anyhow. It's a monster, made of different body parts and several musical influences. All vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, programming, noises, nonsense and wonky bits by Bieler. All songs written, produced, mixed and engineered by Bieler. Okay. At least you know who(m) to blame if you don't appreciate the wacky arrangements and compositions. As for the music within, you can sort of expect it to sound like the heavier hard rock follow-up to My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade. It's grand and melodic, orchestra, symphonic, sometimes progressive (King's X), sometimes Elton John-ish, or the 70s rock concept 'ala The Who (Quadrophenia), spiced with keys/piano, samples, and energetic guitar work in the vein of Saigon Kick of course.

Diverse, outside the box and norm with a production that is massive and modern. It's a rollercoaster ride and accessible for the masses if only the masses would be accessible? I'm not sure it's the right kind of label for Bieler and it's probably going to drown in frontiers releases. Saigon Kick vs. My Chemical Romance? Sounds good to me. Guest musicians: Todd LaTorre (Queensrÿche), Dave Ellefson (Megadeth), Devin Townsend, Pat Badger (Extreme), Butch Walker, Bumblefoot, Jeff Scott Soto, Clint Lowery (Sevendust), Benji Webbe (Skindred), Kyle Sanders (Hellyeah), etc. Final verdict: It's alive! It's alive! The villagers are definitely trying to kill the monster though, so you better be quick and pick up a copy before it's too late. Friend? jasonbielermusic at Facebook

WIG WAM: "Never Say Die"

Rating: RRR
Label: Frontiers 2021
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

"So, here we go again into the lions' den"- WIG WAM. It's been nine long years since their latest offering to the Norse Gods. The album 'Wall Street' (2012) showcased plenty of valleys, towering mountains, and bitter cold fjords, but sadly no real material nor profit to be found at the dow jones index. 'Never Say Die' showcases the slightly heavier approach and style as the Glam Rock has at times been replaced with Teeny's powerful guitar work and there are moments that actually border on old school heavy metal and fellow Norwegian Jorn (Masterplan, Yngwie, etc) on this platter.

Definiely more guitars and less bubblegum sing-a-long moments than their first couple of albums in my humble opinion. It's however still a step in the right direction since 'Wall Street' but you won't find that many "hit singles" amongst these tracks. It's more of an album effort where the boyos are keeping things safe and darn right Hardcore Superstar sleazy on numbers such as "Dirty Little Secret" and "Call Of The Wild". The latter sounding extra sinister and vicious like only Sid could. The opening title track as well as the first single from the album is however the proper kick to the head with its killer refrain.

"Northbound", the impressive instrumental guitar piece where Teeny (aka Trond Holter) goes native and Norwegian folk music to the extreme. Glam aka Åge Sten Nilsen sings better than ever on the Wig Wam goes Whitesnake moment of "Hard Love". You can literally feel and taste the blues. The excellent closing number "Silver Lining" dates back to the late seventies ballads and could also just as easily have been included on the cult movie of 'Still Crazy'. Although Wig Wam are guilty of losing some Glam in the studio, they make up for it in quality performances that offer plenty of sleazy and melodic metal. Final verdict: Never Say Die sees Wig Wam treading a slightly more heavier approach than ever before. Slightly more Jorn (another Norwegian) but still keeping the essence of Wig Wam - uplifting and rather decent/fun music. Wig Wam at Facebook

W.E.T.: "Retransmission"

Rating: RRRr
Label: Frontiers 2021
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

The good, the bad, the ugly. A.K.A. W.E.T. and the three bandidos of Robert Säll (Work Of Art), Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse), and Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman) are shooting from the hip with a brand new tribute to spaghetti Western from outer space and not to mention... Melodic Rock. The release of their fourth album "Retransmission" are taking the AOR space cowboys to familiar territory where we found our heroes once again face to face with dangerous desperados, dodgy satellites, and not to forget the beautiful game?

It's all guns blasting and big curvy hats and pants from the word go as they are at first trying to let us know that "Big Boys Don't Cry" only to later proclaim that it's just ain't true that big boys don't ever cry? Well... It's one way or the other? The song may actually lack a proper hook and truly memorable refrain in my humble opinion. "The Moment of Truth" is closing in as they just can't let go of yesterday? Another space western anthem and the tears are once again falling (speaking of the lyrics), this time co-written by Dag Finn and I believe originally intended for the 'new' album by Sha-Boom? Whatever happened to the comeback of Sha-Boom anyhow? It's been a couple of years since last update? Are those plans in the bin? No longer in the works?

Anyhow. Back on track with "The Call Of The Wild" and it seems like all the Frontiers releases are going for the same song and dance title in 2021 (see also Wig Wam review). Again, pretty standard melodic rock and I miss the genius refrain or at least something out of the ordinary. Track #4 is however the best so far, "Got To Be About Love" (heh, another 'love' title from JSS - see my review of his solo album), one of those semi-ballads that would fit acts such as Heart or Unruly Child. Next up to bat, "Beautiful Game", the best uptempo track so far and "How Far To Babylon" feature a big beat/heart and wicked rhythms by drummer Robban Bäck. "You Better Believe It" take the cake and "What Are You Waiting For" is as beautiful as power ballads come and it's sheer uplifting, heart soothing/smoothing melodic rock featuring steller lead vocals and singing guitar work. "One Final Kiss" is the perfect match making to Lita Ford and her dangerous curves and deadly lips. Yet there's something missing in the end and especially the first three tracks are truly disappointing. Final Verdict: Trusty as your old Colt 44 (I prefer it over 45) but it's hard out there for a gunslinger. Shoot 'em down or simply ride off into the sunset... W.E.T. at Facebook

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Stan BUSH: ”Dare To Dream”

Rating: RRRR

Label: LA Records 2020

Review by Kimmo Toivonen

Stan Bush is reliable. When you get a new album from him, there are hardly any surprises - you'll get uplifting anthems and heartfelt ballads. Yes, it's predictable and unadventurous, but he's been doing this better than most others for almost 40 years now, so I'm not complaining.

"Dare To Dream" (not to be confused with 2010 release "Dream The Dream") is full of anthemic, very Survivor-esque songs about never giving up, believing in one's dreams and fighting the battles that need to be fought. Every now and then Stan reminiscences about the "The 80's" (don't we all?) or his father's words ("Dream Big"), and of course there are those ballads ("A Dream Of Love", "Live And Breathe" and the country'ish "Home"). 

I am thankful that this album doesn't include yet another version of his biggest hit "The Touch", although "Never Give Up" does sound a lot like a re-make...

My personal favorites include "Born To Fight" (the best Rocky soundtrack song you've never heard!), "The Times Of Your Life", which is just pure AOR magic and the intense ballad "A Dream Of Love". Stan himself sounds almost like he did in 1987, which is something quite special. He must be one of those rock vampires who never age, or maybe there's a fountain of youth on his backyard!