Thursday, April 20, 2023


I'm laying in bed, totally drained of energy, thanks to a bad case of flu. Our cats Mindy & Misty are keeping me company. I have my laptop here, and I trying to come up with a few lines of rockblogging for you all.

The Mötley case... it's such a shame. To put the blame on Mick Mars, as if he was the one ruining their live shows... Not cool. They're coming to Rockfest here in Finland, but I really don't know whether I want to see them anymore. My prediction: in a couple of years, they will be on tour with KISS, and it's going to be called "The Real Final Farewell Tour to end all Tours", with hologram Dio supporting. Everything is going to be pre-recorded and each band has only one original member on stage. My crystal ball doesn't tell me which one.

Last week's big release was the new Metallica album. I haven't got an opinion, I haven't heard it. It's been discussed everywhere, so I think you've read enough about it, right? 

What I have heard is "Will You Be There", the debut EP from EMOTIONAL FIRE. This Swedish 5-piece band has been put together by Ron and Nina Dahlgren, who are also responsible for the all-star project Gathering of Kings. Their vision was to create the definite all-female AOR/hard rock band. They introduced themselves a while ago with their "namesake" song "Emotional Fire", originally recorded by Cher in 1989. It's a classic track written by the three masters, Diane Warren, Desmond Child and Michael Bolton. The band's version is great, but nothing matches the over-the-top intensity of the original! There are three other songs on this EP, two covers and the title track, a tailormade song for the band. It's penned by Pete Alpenborg, Rick Altzi and Ulrick Lönnqvist, profilic songwriters/musicians from Sweden. It's a very good song, but even better is the Bucks Fizz cover "Breaking Me Up". A completely new song to me, but it won me over immediately. Pulsating keys and a hard-hitting chorus is what I like. The other cover is more familiar, Russ Ballard's "Your Time Is Gonna Come". This version is very powerful and it might be blasphemous to say, I think I like it more than the original. 

I also briefly checked out the new MAGNUS KARLSSON'S FREEFALL album "Hunt The Flame". I've always liked Karlsson's songwriting and style and he has once again gathered a great cast of singers for this project, but... it's not an instant hit for sure, on the previous Freefall albums there was more variety but this seems to be mostly turbo-charged Karlsson Metal. I think it needs a few more spins, maybe it'll open up somehow. By the way, that Girish dude sure gets around!

Friday, April 14, 2023



Just some random thoughts... "Mood Swings" by HAREM SCAREM! One of the best albums of all time! I've been revisiting it this week again, and this new thought came up: it sounds like a "Best Of" album of a band with several albums under their belt. Every song is different to the next one, yet it doesn't sound disjointed. My favourite songs? "Saviours Never Cry", "Sentimental Boulevard", "No Justice"... they're all good though.

To celebrate the album's 30th anniversary, the band is releasing it on vinyl for the very first time. It's only available as a special bundle with all kinds of extras, you can check it here:

The price tag of 89,95 is a bit high, especially considering that there would be shipping costs and taxes on top of that. So, as much as I'd like to own this on vinyl too, I think I'll pass. Hopefully there will be a "regular" vinyl version available one day.

STEVE LUKATHER's new video is pretty good, very much like TOTO, and why wouldn't it be when it features JOSEPH WILLIAMS and DAVID PAICH as well?

Hungarian rockers STARDUST have also released a new video "The Fire" and I like it a lot. Looking forward to their next album!

Today was the release date of MIKE TRAMP's "Songs Of White Lion" album. I listened to it...  I understand what he's doing and these versions aren't bad, but having grown up with the originals they only sound mostly like tamed-down versions. The lion that was "Hungry" is now merely "a bit peckish". Should the tour come to a town nearby, I'd be there in a heartbeat to listen to the soundtrack of my youth (my life!), but 
frankly I don't think the album will get too many spins around here.

Hey, H.E.A.T. released a new track called "Freedom" a few ago, and I think it's a killer! Somewhat more bouncy and upbeat than what they offered on "Force Majeure".