Saturday, July 1, 2023

PHAETON: “Between Two Worlds”

Rating: RRRRr 
Label: INB Music 
Review by Martien Koolen

Phaeton was formed in Kimberley, BC in March 2017 by Kevin Thiessen (guitars), Daniel Airth (guitars), Ferdy Belland (bass guitars) and Colin Righton (drums) and these guys play instrumental progressive metal as you have almost never heard before as ‘Between Two Worlds” is the ultimate instrumental epic progressive metal listening of this year! 

If you, like yours truly, are into guitar pickers such as Steve Vai or Joe Satriani and bands like Rush, Symphony X, Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment then “Between Two Worlds” is a MUST have album as Phaeton really shines right from the opening track “Predestination”, featuring amazing double lead guitars, till the last song, being the title track. All the eight instrumental songs feature killer guitar riffs, hooks, melodies, and solos galore and drummer Righton really plays his ass off, while bass guitarist Belland proves he is second to none here, his formidable bass playing reminding me of John Myung indeed.

“Oceans Of Time” has a pure classic heavy metal inro and even features some Black Sabbath characteristics, while “Refraction” even has a heavy reggae passage. “Monsoon,” one of my favourites of the album, stands out due to the very melodic guitar solos which give me goosebumps every time I listen to that track. But the absolute highlight and metal gem of this album is without a shadow of a doubt the extraordinary title track. “Between Two Worlds,’ the song, is the magnum opus of Phaeton: a progressive instrumental metal rollercoaster, almost second to none. This impressive track is filled with power chords galore, outstanding melodies, neck breaking riffs, almost inimitable solos and lots of tempo changes and variety; in other words, you never get bored here, even as the song clocks in over the nine minutes mark! 

Well, there you have it, a killer album indeed, wonderfully arranged and produced; a superb prog metal opus where the music almost makes you dizzy, but most of all longing for more indeed. “Between Two Worlds” to me is one of the absolute highlights of this year, a unique twist and rollercoaster of progressive, instrumental metal, highly recommended indeed: especially suitable for fans of Rush, Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment. Play it LOUD and you will be hooked, listening tip: “Monsoon.”

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  1. This is my Album Of The Year, runaway victory.