Wednesday, January 21, 2015

STORYTELLER: "Sacred Fire"

Rating: Rr
Label: Black Lodge 2015
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

"There's a storm lamp on the table. Throwing shadows to the gable. And you swallow if you're able. On a storyteller's night". Sadly there's absolutely nothing on here to vaguely remind you of the U.K. greatness of Tony The Hat and his partner in crime, 'the wave your arms about in the air like a mad traffic warden who just don't care', Bob The Cat.

Sacred Fire is the latest effort by the die-hard fantasy tale telling Swedes and it's clearly not scary enough to keep the night light burning. It's got that by now third rate power metal production and formula which Hammerfall previously used on their second rate version of proper heavy metal. Indeed. The 'Sons of the North' are 'In search for treasures, stones and gold' as they encounter 'The army of Southerfell' etc. etc. I much rather spend time in front of Dragon Tits (that's your highly popular fantasy TV production as of lately) as they have a nice medieval scenery and capturing stories. Starks vs. the rest? Yes, it's the Game Of Thrones.

It is quite the typical meat, blood, and potato album with a rather flat outcome and impression. This might just work as background noise as you 'try to sleep on your pillow and dream. Sleep in God's children to keep. Though we all lose track of time, disappears like  faded lines'...

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