Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Rebecca LAPPA: "Ode To Tennyson"

Rating: RRRr
Label: Lappa Music/Socan 2014
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

 Release the Kraken - Release the Kraken!! Ehem. Excuse me while my brain confuse the classic work of Tennyson with the really dodgy movie phrase of the eighties [Clash Of The Titans and I believe they did a equally dodgy remake recently]. Let's try again as this is the great and already fourth (yes, 4th) full-length album from the mere 17 year old 2014 nominee at Canadian folk music awards.

Rebecca Lappa is her name and extremely classy folk, singer/songwriter, jazzy, art-pop is the nature of her game. The creative blend of several styles of music reflects a mature sound and a much older soul than her actual time spent here on earth. This ain't your typical bubble-gum pop nonsense of the MTV.

The album is obviously inspired by the works of British poet and posh legend of Lord Alfred Tennyson. And yes, there's a song titled "Kraken" and 'the ocean's wide and vast and deep. Beneath its heart untouched a monster sleeps'. Lappa is certainly not afraid to wake up the beast as she unleashes her stunning vocals right at the ugly story. She's blessed with emotional and great set of pipes similar at times to Tori Amos and even Sarah McLachlan with a more sulky twist.

The music on "Ode To Tennyson" follow no strict structure and thus why each and every track is like a brand new story. One minute it's Irish/Celtic rootsy folk music and the next art-pop that harks back to the golden era of Kate Bush, but sounds more like Tori Amos to be completely honest. "Mermaid and Merman" has a loose and fun creative feel with a simple grand piano and Lappa's voice at the centre of attention. "Gypsy" with its violin, aria and 'ohhh-ahhh-ahhh' as chorus part is a nice build up to the darker mood of the "Kraken". Rebecca tickle the ebony and ivory as Tori Amos did in the nineties as the monster appears in the distance. It's all very laid back and there's plenty of violin, cello, accordion, etc. to be found on this fine record.

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  1. Thanks so much for the review. Its honour to be compared such great artists.