Wednesday, December 10, 2014

CRAZY LIXX: "Crazy Lixx"

Rating: RRRR
Label: Frontiers 2014
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

All Looks - No Hooks? Nah. Musically combining wicked guitar riffs, energetic structures, catchy melodies, and their overall larger than life attitude, could only be described as the winning concept for The Crazy Lixxers. They're not trying to revolt their genre or the music business for that matter. Because, let's face it... we've heard it all before. However, these Swedes are more or less cherry picking the fun bits and pieces from the eighties and making it sound relevant in 2014.

Following up the mega sleazy 'Riot Avenue' with a more polished and catchy effort might just be the right move and direction. The mixing by Chris Laney and background vocals by Mats Levén (Swedish Erotica, Treat) add extra beef and fat anyhow. We have previously noticed that Laney is very keen on HUGE bg vocals and harmonies ála Mutt Lange and this album surely is no exception to the Laney rule.

Opening track "Hell Raising Women" truly is the core of Crazy Lixx. Sleazy vocals by Danny Rexon (inspired by Seb Bach?), screaming guitars, pounding drums/bass, and layers and layers of harmonies. "Sound Of The Loud Minority", "Outlaw", and "Girls Of The 80s", are some of the best melodic sleaze tracks of the century. Catchy, sleazy, classy! "Ain't No Rest In Rock N Roll" borrows guitar work and harmonies from AC/DC and "Call To Action" had me seriously thinking about Skid Row on a night out with Baton Rouge (pre/chorus).

The re-recording of 'Heroes Are Forever', not to my liking but I'm sure it attracts new fans to check out their old material. Final verdict: It's one of those records that both you and your 'adult in the eighties' friend can get down and boogie to as Crazy Lixx blend a little bit of everything really and thus ending up sounding like a 50/50 mix of Sleaze and melodic rock. Wicked indeed!

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