Thursday, December 8, 2011

LEST: "Odysseus"

Rating: 4/10

Label: Artist Station 2011

Review by Martien Koolen

Lest is a French progressive rock band formed in 1995 and this album called
"Odysseus" is their debut. The group consists of Pascal Rameix (bass guitar),
Sebastian Mauve (guitars and vocals) and a guy called Kickers on drums. The first
thing that caught my attention was the horrible voice of Mauve, meaning that he
screams, his voice is rather nasal and his pronunciation is definitely not English
enough... Mauve's vocals really get on my nerves in songs like "Sir Knight" or
"Innocence & Experience" as he really sounds as if he were dying.
Therefore the best song is of course the very short "Birth", which features a nice
guitar melody.

All the songs are reasonably complex but also very chaotic as the compositinal
skills of Lest leaves much to be desired yet. Musically speaking some of the songs
sound promising but as soon as Mauve's voice enters the song it is over for me.
Also take a look at the childish cover and you know what to expect from Lest; at the
moment not very much...


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