Thursday, September 18, 2014

ZOO HARMONICS: "Business In The Front... Party In the Back"

Rating: RRR
Label: Pet Harmony/PrescriptionPR 2014
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Oy! Oy! Oy! Eclectic, hectic, manic, frantic! It must be four mad Punk rockers from Israel? Why not? Face paced rhythms and jumping at-ya' melodies seems to be the latest export from Tel Aviv as the Zoo Harmonics combine cutting guitars with gang vocals and shout-a-long choruses. Recorded in Seattle, U.S. of A at the Robert Lang Studios (Nirvana, Taking Back Sunday) and produced by John Goodmanson (Blood Brothers, Death Cab For Cutie), you're in for a sonic overkill of the kid friendly punk sound.

Dirty and mean punks like the mad Brits of Sex Pistols, they are most certainly not. They have this alt. melodic power pop sound going on in the background and thus ending up as: 'Taking Back-No Use For A-Blink' [see how yours truly combined the names of three acts there. Wow! stunning work]. I guess it's Skater Rock meets Punk Rock with a twist and the songs reminded me of nothing more than those entertaining albums that MTV folks are so fond of today.

"Business In The Front... Party In the Back", no longer the working girl's statement (oy vey!), it shows what can be done with a punky vibe and attitude. The album ticks in at merely 30 minutes or so and the eleven tracks goes by just like that. I'm having trouble finding opener "Stemweder Open Air" to be anything more than your quirky, but not quite excellent punk rock song though. The beat and guitar work is interesting, however, the chorus part is lacking. The album starts in my opinion with the following catchy number "Henry & Clare".

"Awake At Night" is the latest single release off the CD and it's a cheeky little number with just the right amount of the MTV sound with a twist. The lyric is kind of out there and speaks of 'Sailing away on cellophone. Inside your empty suitcase. Airplanes above are sliding fast on cables', end quote. Power-Pop-Punks. You know what to expect and you won't be disappointed.

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