Sunday, September 14, 2014


Rating: R
Label: Nightmare Records 2014
Review by Rich " The Meister" Dillon

Voyager is a progressive metal band hailing from Perth Australia having been in the game since 1999 and issuing five full length albums to date.  So why haven't I heard of them?

Vocalist Daniel Estrin is the only remaining original member and is joined by guitarist Simone Dow, guitarist Scott Kay, drummer Ashley Doodkorte and bassist Alex Canion.  This fifth album aptly titled V was available in June 2014 and was funded via a crowd funding campaign that saw the goal reached in just three days!  While it seems that Voyager does have a legion of devoted fans out there as evidenced by the crowd funding, I personally was less than impressed by the V album.

I cued it up and was greeted by the synthesizers of the opening track 'Hyperventilating'.  Less than a minute into the song and my interest had waned, being far too ambient and progressive for my tastes.  I continued on through the lead single 'Breaking Down' which started out stronger but still too heavy in the progressive vein for my particular enjoyment.  'A Beautiful Mistake' seemed a little better and I started to get into it but by the time I got through the minute long 'Fortune Favours the Blind' that followed I gave up and shut it off.

That's why they haven't crossed my radar previously.

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