Tuesday, September 23, 2014

JAMES LABRIE: ”I Will Not Break”

Rating: R
Label: Digital EP 2014
Review by Rich ”The Meister” Dillon

Canadian born vocalist James LaBrie is best known as the long time voice of American progressive metal band Dream Theater.  La Brie auditioned and was chosen over 200 other hopefuls for the spot fronting Dream Theater appearing on their second album Images and Words and has remained in the band ever since.  Aside from other projects outside of Dream Theater LaBrie has issued five solo albums, the sixth being the EP I Will Not Break which dropped earlier in the year.

”I Will Not Break” first appeared on his 2013 full length Impermanent Resonance and after muffled fading vocal intro explodes with a ferocious thrash riff and of course LaBrie's operatic vocal prowess.  The next two, ”Unraveling” and ”Why” both originally surfaced on the European digipak edition of the aforementioned 2013 release.  The final track of 2010ís Static Impulse, ”Coming Home” gets an alternate mix, but not being familiar with the original canít say whatís different or better, I just know I donít like this.  ”Jekyll or Hyde” and ”Just Watch Me” are demo versions of songs that also appeared on Static Impulse.  The final three inclusions are again retreads from the 2010 album with ”I Tried”, ”Over the Edge” and ”Euphoric”.  This time however they are electronica remixes, something that should never be done IMO.

Bottom line: there's nothing new here and this is not a release for any other than the rabid LaBrie/Dream Theater fan.


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