Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gary MOORE: "Live At Bush Hall 2007"

Rating: Live
Label: Eagle Records 2014
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

The absolutely best thing about "Live At Bush Hall 2007"? The excellent performance, guitar playing, and stunning rich tone of the late and very great Gary Moore. The absolutely worst thing about this live recording? The rather sub-standard blues material on display. Originally the Planet Rock Radio broadcast from London/U.K. and I'm pretty sure that die-hard fans already have this in their collection. Here's your chance to get the real deal on CD though.

Moore kicked off the show with several tracks from his by then new album, 'Close As You Get', and I believe you get a total of seven tracks from the album. You have three tracks from 'Still Got The Blues', the title track, the fun strut of 'Walking By Myself' and 'Too Tired'. One from 'After Hours' and the only rocking track of 'Don't Believe A Word" from the Thin Lizzy daze/days. Let's face it. He was the average white man's blues vocalist and especially if you compare him to the original blues veterans of the old. Superb guitarist though and I guess you can tell that I prefer his "pure rock" material.

Technically brilliant as usual and the studying guitarist might just enjoy the licks and tricks of Gary (RIP).

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