Thursday, September 10, 2015

CREATURE: "Ride The Bullet"

Rating: R
Label: Karthago Records 2015
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Who let the metal monster out? Kept under lock and key for many years, the Creature manage to crawl up from the abyss only to release another beastly effort in 2015. They released one album, a self-titled debut in the year of 1989 before disappearing into the woods and the utter wilderness of Hamburg, Germany. Nope. We haven't heard the debut and the same goes for most of you out there. Ride The Bullet kicks off like your third rate Teutonic display of metal before pandering to absolutely horrific stuff and a Nervous Breakdown (that's one of their songs).

Two female background vocalists and neither any good. One brute male behind the lead, shifting between the disturbing and plain boring, this clearly isn't your metal album of the year. Then again, let's not make any hasty decision. They do have plenty of fast and heavy stuff, but that's hardly a compensation for having to listen to drivel such as Bitch? It's a second rate NWOBHM and Teutonic Power metal record which jumps all over its influences of the eighties. Kudos to the lead guitarist though as he manage to rise above the monster mash.

Destined for obscurity and the occasional cult status, the Creature may attract barking mad hunters all over the world to go out and.... you know what. It's eighties stuff, but nowhere near as good as the good eighties, and I luv the good eighties.

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