Thursday, September 10, 2015

CLOSE QUARTERS: "Always Alot Never Little"

Rating: RR
Label: Fassberg &Osterlind 2015
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

My first reaction to this Sleaze/biker sort of an album was to yawn and get ready for yet another hey-ho, let's go, moment. The Swedes of Close Quarters are Always Alot, Never Little, and Niclas Borg (Backyard Babies) co-wrote the track according to the ABC of songwriting. The biggest surprise? There's absolutely nothing on here to surprise the listener. Not necessarily a bad thing since you get exactly what you expect from a 80's influenced sleaze rock band from Sweden.

Have you been listening to Bandit Rock? These guys and their record are tailor made for the radio stuff. It's like if they called in to check with the station prior to recording as to say, what do you need of us? Yeah. That's perhaps a bit too harsh and especially since I kind of enjoy this record. It's hardly rocket science though and you're going to pick up influences from the likes of Hanoi Rocks to Nasty Idols, Backyard Babies, and The Quireboys. Spike from the latter act guest appears on Friday Feeling (barbwire vocals to the rescue).

It's glorified Sleaze by numbers and it's not going to change the world or your personal surrounding. It's heads down in tinsel town and party til' you puke. Or like the quarters would put it, "It's a crazy world. Got all our systems going. It's a crazy world. I got my motor running". The twelve year old me would absolutely love this shit. It's still a decent party album.

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