Thursday, March 27, 2014

STEEL PANTHER: "All You Can Eat"

Rating: R
Label: Open E/Kobalt 2014
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

I can't help to draw comparison to Holloway's review of Phil Vincent and the cover of 'Slave To Sin'. Yeah, I believe it's possible to ignore the ill advised artwork and merely look at the actual bodywork (since we're all about the music). But what to do when you have lyric and songs that are so... what's the word? Juvenile? Redundant? Wasteful? That you simply can't bare yourself to ever play them again?

I actually feel sorry for the Steel Panthers as they're clueless about the meaning of irony and the correct use of the word (now, that's irony people). They're a one trick pony. The comedian without a single proper joke. I'm not offended or upset by 'All You Can Eat'. I'm gobsmacked over the poor state of the lyrics and the fact that America still believe nudity and four letter words to be major shock value? Nipplegate anyone? It's 2014 for feck's sake. The kids are all brought up with internet connection, you can't shock them anywhere, with anything, anymore. Why any person could find tracks such as 'Pussywhipped', 'Gloryhole', Bukkake Tears', 'Gangbang at The Old Folks Home', F**ing My Heart In The Azz', etc. to be funny goes over my head. Hard rock parodists in desperate need of jokes?

It's not a question of moral or religious tosser belief. I'm not trying to force people into not buying the music or boycott the band. It's just not a good product in my opinion and the songs (if you try and look past the lyric) are slightly below average at their best. If you wish to wake up or shock the nation? Try writing about your homeland and the way your gov. treat the millions of poor, the homeless, the washed up soldier from any of many wasteful wars, the sick, the needy, etc. Remember that 'a country is only as strong as your weakest citizen', and you may quote me on that. Let me just end it all with a quote from the good people at Extreme, (still) waiting for the punchline... sad clown face...

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