Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Rating: RRR
Label: G Records / PIAS
Review by Martien Koolen

The Swiss rock band Gotthard have already released 14 studio and live albums and have been around in the music scene for more than 20 years. Their previous album Firebirth started the second career of the Swiss rockers as the first one had been ended by the disastrous death of former lead singer Steve Lee. The new singer Nic Maeder became the new vocalist in 2011 and Bang is his second Gotthard album on which he shines as the singer of the band.

The new album contains 13 tracks and most of them (Get Up 'N Move On, Jump The Gun or My Belief) are classic Gotthard tunes demonstrating the band's talent for combining melodic vocals with catchy and strong guitar hooks and riffs. You can also hear some new "adventures" of Gotthard, take for example the excellent bluesrocker Spread Your Wings, featuring great vocals and marvellous guitar solos, or the hard rock driven What You Get, which will turn out to become a great live track. Another surprise is the longest Gotthard song ever called Thank You, which is a orchestral epic track filled with great melodies, superb vocals and a fantastic long guitar solo at the end. The song was written as a tribute to the deceased mother of guitar player Leo Leoni and it also serves as a homage to mothers all over the world.

Unfortunately the new album also contains two complete missers; first of all there is the utterly boring C'est La Vie, featuring a French title and even some accordeon. And secondly you have to skip the bittersweet ballad Maybe, which is a duet between Nic and the American female singer Melody Tibbits; this song really is a drag and is not fit for this rockin' album. My favourites are: Spread Your Wings (one of the best Gotthard songs ever), Jump The Gun (heavy with as melodic groove and a spicy guitar solo) and What You Get, which is a typical Gotthard groover, very catchy indeed. So, all in all, I am quite content with this new album, it rocks, it grooves and it swings, except for the two missers.

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