Wednesday, March 12, 2014

FACTOR HATE: "The Watcher"

Rating: RRRR
Label: Factor Hate / Rock'n'Growl 2014
Review by Rich Dillon

Factor Hate is a rather odd name for a band I thought as I received this EP for review. It immediately makes me think of “screaming devil chainsaw music” as my mother likes to call it, expecting something death metal like! I was pleasantly surprised when I cued it up for a listen.

The EP, entitled The Watcher, contains only four tracks was issued back in October 2013. Interestingly this EP was limited to only 100 hand numbered copies, recorded in their home studio and released independently by the band. A full length, 12 track CD is planned by Rock ‘n’ Growl Promotions for release in 2014.

“You’re in the Nightmare” blazes the trail exhibiting some thrashy overtones, but it is the second composition that really grabbed my attention with “Raise Your Hands” and its catchy chorus. “Wild as the Wind” starts out with a grinding riff and truly shines throughout. The Watcher closes out with the title track, “The Watcher”, leaving you wanting more and I look forward to the future efforts from Factor Hate.

Forming in France, Factor Hate consists of drummer Pascal “Sharky” Landais, guitarists Olivier “Silver” Landais and Hubert “Hubb” Treynel, bassist Kevin “Kev” Obron and last to join the group was vocalist Thierry “The Watcher” Grumiaux. The band cites influences like Accept and Judas Priest which are easily heard shining through on this altogether too short offering of old school sounding heavy metal. I will certainly be monitoring this band in hopes that they will soon release that rumoured full length debut.
"You're In The Nightmare" video

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