Saturday, March 1, 2014


Rating: RR
Label: Elm City Music 2014
Review by Rich Dillon

Adrenaline Mob began a couple of years ago in 2011 when Russell Allen (Symphony X), guitarist Mike Orlando and drummer Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) got together. The boys enlisted the help of bassist Paul Di Leo (Fozzy) and guitarist Rich Ward (Fozzy) but both did not remain with Adrenaline Mob for very long and John Moyer (Disturbed) was announced as replacing Di Leo on bass. The full length debut Omerta was issued in March 2012 with only Allen, Orlando and Portnoy credited. Now Adrenaline Mob have returned with Men of Honor in 2014. Mike Portnoy has since departed and AJ Pero of Twisted Sister fame has seated himself behind the skins. Never having heard Adrenaline Mob’s music previously I was looking forward to seeing what that star power could bring to the table.

Men of Honor hits you like an adrenaline charged punch to the gut with the opener, very originally christened “Mob is Back”, I assume announcing the band’s return with a new offering. “Come on Get Up” follows and you can almost feel a gang mentality overshadowing the track and it’s an enjoyable listen. The third track, “Dearly Departed” has a decided Foo Fighters resonance to it and if I go back and listen to the previous song it’s there as well, just not as prominent. Unfortunately it’s all downhill from there for me. I mean no disrespect to the musicians here, but only state my personal preferences and opinions. I’m not sure exactly what sub-genre Adrenaline Mob would fall under, but I like to call it “Modern Rock” and while this is no worse than others in the same fold, it just doesn’t have the power to hold my interest. Every song sounds much like the previous one with the exceptions of the ballads “Behind these Eyes” and “Crystal Clear”. “Judgement Day” does seem to have a little more perk to it only to have it ruined with the growling vocals. One on one these songs would fare ok shuffled into a mixed playlist but put them all together and they blend into one another for a snoozefest.

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