Wednesday, April 10, 2013

TIM BROWN: "Pleasure Strike"

Rating: RRR
Label: Own Release
Review by Martien Koolen
This is the second album of keyboard player Tim Brown and both his albums are completely instrumental, with the keyboard as dominant insrrument of course. If you like albums from Derek Sherinian (ex- Dream Theater, Black Country Communion), Planet X, Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) or even Rick Wakeman (ex - Yes) then you will most certainly enjoy this album. Most of the ten songs on Pleasure Strike are up tempo and after a while the songs tend to sound too much alike, but I still can recommend this album to keyboard afficianados. My personal favourites are the title track, Eyes Of Memory, Reaching The Surface and the second to none track Drifting With The Spirits, which is absolutely amazing and that is mainly due to the thrilling guitar solo by Christian Schmider. Next time a couple of more of those songs and the album will eb superb. Till then keep on howling that keyboard!

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