Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Rating: RRR Label: AOR Heaven 2013
Review by Kimmo Toivonen
Swedish melodic rockers released a pretty good debut album "Money Never Sleeps" a few years ago, with Thomas Wikström on vocals. Now they're back for another try with a new album and a new vocalist, the one and only Göran Edman (Madison, Malmsteen, Kharma etc etc). "Pretty good" sums up this album too, they have some fairly catchy songs but then again some rather average ones, especially on the second half of the album.
The overall vibe of the album is uptempo and positive, it's well produced and played. The band makes a good impression with the first few tracks like "Lorraine", "Think About The Old Times" and "Hold On". The latter is actually a cover of Saxon's somewhat obscure track "Hold On" from "Dogs Of War" album. I'm not familiar with that album, so I was surprised to find out that they were still writing AOR type of songs in 1994... Covered Call's version is in my opinion better the original and probably my favourite track of "Impact".
"Impact" is just what's missing on the remaining tracks. They aren't actually that bad, just forgettable. The choruses aren't that catchy, and towards the end the band seems to slip into a boring "boogie rock" style. A pity, it started out so well.

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