Tuesday, April 30, 2013

AIRBOURNE - “Black Dog Barking”

Label: Roadrunner

Rating: RRRR

Review By Alan Holloway

For a band who make no frills kick ass rock and roll, Australia’s Airbourne don’t exactly rush when it comes to releasing material. Probably too busy hanging from lighting rigs, drinking and fighting, I suppose. Either way, it’s been yet another three years between albums, with “Black Dog Barking” unsurprisingly following the template set out in stone by the lads on their first two full length releases.

What makes reviewing an Airbourne album more fun than reviewing an AC/DC one is that, although they have the same influences, Airbourne never throw a half assed product at you. Whilst AC/DC have some excellent tracks, it’s a hardened fan who would think that even the now legendary “Black Ice” can hold a candle to either of Airbourne’s first two discs.

Well, the new kings of Aussie rock have their own “Black” now, and it’s appropriately a snarling black dog that’s ready to bite your bollocks off if you don’t join the party. Subtlety is binned in favour of full on, spit in your face rock and roll, and fans will be happy to know that the quality is just as consistent third time round. Joel O’Keefe still sounds like he’s chewing Brian Johnstone’s head off with every chorus, whilst the rest of the band keep it simple and loud, aided by a clear production.

Suffice to say, there’s no ballads here, and not standout tracks. The latter is because they are all great tracks, with the album going at a rate of knots from start to finish. I’ve been listening to it for most of the day and am yet to get bored or even stop singing along with the choruses. The bottom line is that “Black Dog Barking” is a first class balls n boogie album that earns it’s place in your collection as well as it’s predecessors. Can’t wait to see the live shows.

Official Website: http://www.airbournerock.com/

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