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Review By: Alan Holloway

Now this lot have certainly be garnering a lot of positive press, thankfully not just because they have a hot chick lead singer, but because they also churn out powerful, catchy rock with  undeniable pop sensibilities. The Hot Chick in question is Aussie born Lyla D’souza, who has written the album with British guitarist Dave Garfield, and her stamp is all over this impressive full length debut.

The opening salvo of “Kerosene”, “Untouchable” and “Beige” is very impressive, throwing out three strong, guitar driven monsters with pounding drums, big riffs and strong, aggressive vocals. This isn’t a million miles from what Halestorm are doing , but has a rougher, charismatic edge to it. “Stalemate” follows, but is a slower, moodier track rescued mainly by the vocals. “the Evil That men Do” is nothing to do with Iron Maiden but is instead an emotional, smooth track with a great middle section and softer vocals from D’souza. Although the album goes on to deliver thirteen tracks (plus a second version of Kerosene“), it’s a credit to those involved that it doesn’t get boring at all, with the style changing just enough with each song to stave off the old ‘heard it before’ feeling.

If you like Halestorm or just upbeat, melodic hard rock then you should check out Kill For Eden. It’s got everything from kick in the balls hard rock to melodic rock and ballads, all tied together by Lyla D’souza’s powerful vocals. Definitely a band to watch.

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