Wednesday, April 10, 2013

RIVERSIDE: "Shrine Of New Generation Slaves"

Rating: RRR
Label: Inside Out Music
Review by Martien Koolen
Riverside is still the best Polish prog rock band of this moment and their fifth album called Shirne Of New Generation Slaves is again a decent, however not too predictable rockalbum. This new album is slightly different from the other four and that means in this case that the music is quieter and not so heavy. Luckily for me all the horrible grunts have gone and although the songs are different you still hear thise typical Riverside characteristics, being: the atmospheric keyboardsound of Lapaj and the breathtaking guitarsolos of Grudzinski.
Deprived is a ballad with superb guitarsolos, followed by the best song of the album Escalator Shrine. However, the rather poppy Celebrity Touch and the acoustic Coda are defintely not to my liking. The opener New Generation Slave is the heaviest song on the album, but unfortunately this album is not as good as albums like Second Life Syndrome or Out Of Myself; but it is still good rock music and really worthwhile to listen to.

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