Wednesday, April 10, 2013

HARDREAMS: "Unbroken Promises"

Label: Perris Records 2012
Review by The Bailey Brothers
This band hail from Spain and I know a few cynics go on about the accents and phrasing but if you have good melody and musicianship it translates worldwide. Look at Rammstein they sing predominately in German but their music and live show have made them an International success. We had to sit with this one for a while not because it was bad but to try and forget about the bits that are maybe White Lion inspired or sound like Journey’s “Faithfully” such as the title track “Unbroken Promises“ where the chorus and even the guitar solo is an attempt at maybe appealing to those fans. It’s a decent song but nowhere near in the Journey class but who is?
“This Land Inside Our Souls” like a few of their songs it has a very memorable chorus. If anything “It’s Only Love” would be my favourite on this release simply because it does what it says on the tin it plods along nicely. Spain has many rock and metal fans as anyone who’s been to Barcelona will tell you. For some reason they have not quite broke worldwide like say German based bands like the Scorpions but I have heard a lot of bands that have tried to copy the American AOR style and failed tremendously. If you like easy listening then this may sit well in your car stereo. Some songs grow after a while and some don’t but it was nice to hear AOR is alive and kicking in Spain.

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