Monday, April 22, 2013

DANNY BRYANT - ‘Hurricane’

Rating: RRRR

Label: Jazz House Records

Review By: Alan Holloway

Another day, another Blues guitarist I’ve never heard of. Whilst I certainly appreciate a good bit of heavy blues, I’m not really the sort to go out and track it down, so it’s a bonus when something that stands out amongst the crowd drops through the letterbox.

‘Hurricane’ is the sixth studio album from Danny Bryant, and it’s plain to see from the start why he’s got such a reputation amongst those who worship the blooze. ‘Prisoner Of The Blues’ is a perfect opener, a sturdy, solid rock track that just drips with the blues. When Bryant lets loose with the solo it’s almost impossible not to pick up an air guitar and pull tortured faces as you play along with him. Vocally, he’s no slouch either, and whilst he’s unlikely to top and best singer lists he gets the job done. ‘Hurricane’ is a very solid album, chock full of excellent playing and lively songs, bringing to mind Jeff Healy and Gary Moore in places. ‘Devil’s Got A Hold On Me’ takes the basic riff from ‘Spirit In The Sky’ (or near as dammit) and lays over it a fantastic blues sheen, whilst ‘I’m Broken’ is a standard bluesy ballad with a huge, meandering solo.

If you like a bit of Joe Bonamassa, or enjoyed Gary Moore’s blues days you really should check out Danny Bryant. Soulful and very talented, he tears up the fretboard as well as anybody else, with his finger dancing surrounded by good, solid songs. A fine export from the UK, Danny is the real deal.

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