Saturday, April 20, 2013

GREAT WHITE - '30 Years - Live From the Sunset Strip'

 Rating: N/A

Label: Frontiers

Review By: Alan Holloway

Great White have been around a long time now, with members coming and going and original vocalist Jack Russell even forming his own version a few years back. This is not that Great White, this is, ostensibly, the real one. Probably.

The band needed a vocalist who could carry them live and in the studio, and ex XYZ man Terry Ilous certainly does the job. There’s no tracks from his only CD with the band, but with only eleven cuts this had to be a tricky setlist to pick. The band sound fantastic, especially axeman Mark Kendall, with Ilous handling the blues and the rock & roll with class and style.

Great White never achieved the fame they craved, but this album is a too short testament to their quality. Whichever camp you are in, this is a fine collection of songs well played, and what more do you want?

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