Thursday, October 13, 2011

YÖ: "Kiitos Ja Kunnia - 30V. Juhlakokoelma"


Label: Poko Records 2011

Review by Kimmo Toivonen

This compilation features the hits of YÖ from the last decade and a few new songs. Yö has been around since the early eighties, they had their first "glory days" on that decade and for a while they were the biggest band in the country. They went through some lean years during the late eighties and the nineties but seriously bounced back in 2001. The newly-found success has lasted to this day, and with this album already going gold after a few days on the market, it seems that there's no stopping them.

I used to like the band as a kid, and just like many others, I've rediscovered them during the last few years. While their eighties' hits are still firmly stuck in my head, I think that they are a far better band these days. This double album is a carefully put together set of their hits and album tracks, and only a few of my favourites from their recent output are missing. Regardless of the language, I think that fans of melancholic, melodic rock could enjoy tracks like "Särkyvää", "Deadline" or "Rakkautta Vain", just to name a few.

The four new tracks on the album are all more or less worthy additions to the album, although not quite up there with the best of the tracks. The first single "Onnen Hohteessa" is my favourite of them. "Kun Nuoruus Katoaa", written and sung by the band's original songwriter Jussi Hakulinen, is a theatrical 8-minute epic and somewhat out of place here, but I've got to hand it out to Hakulinen - he has written some very challenging vocal melodies for himself.


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