Tuesday, October 4, 2011

CORNERSTONE: "Somewhere In America"

Rating: 5/10

Label: Atom Records 2011

Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Cornerstone - their previous attempt at world domination ended up in the bin. Indeed, their first CD, 'Head Over Heels' - as much fun as watching a Rob Schneider comedy. By the way, could someone please stop him from filming ever again. I don't get it though? Why do Cornerstone share stages with eighties hard rock acts such as John Waite, Ted Poley, Iron Maiden's Dennis Stratton, as well as their performance at Z Rock Festival in the U.K.

Are they really so desperately clueless to where and when to promote their music and sound? Why do they promote themselves in magazine's such as Powerplay and Fireworks??? I hate to bring the news for Cornerstone - but you guys are NOT, I repeat, NOT even close to being in the same category and style as any of the above mentioned acts and mags. Sure, bits and pieces of melodic hardrock every now and then, but... you could say the exact same thing about Bruce Springsteen.

They certainly have just as much in common with 80s indie pop, Bangles-rock, Berlin (the band, not the city), Linda Rondstadt, and various radio friendly female fronted power-pop with merely a hint of modern country. I can't believe the s**t I'm reading regarding other reviews and what the reviewers are saying. I quote, "a mixture out of AOR like Journey, Asia and Toto with a female voice", end quote. Ehem, sure, if you've been smoking a lot of s**t for the last twenty years. Any good? Well, if the previous one were/was Rob Schneider - this one will surely entertain you just as much as any Adam Sandler movie. Neat, nice vocal harmonies, a couple of really strong melodies, but hardly up there among the real stars.


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