Sunday, October 2, 2011

ELKS: "Destined For The Sun"

Rating: 2/10

Label: TeePee Records 2011

Review by Kimmo Toivonen

ELKS are an "Astral Metal" band from Brooklyn. "Soaring riffs, towering twin leads... perfect sonic experience" says the press bio. An experience this is all right. Truly a "once in a lifetime" experience, as I will not listen to this album ever again.

The guitarists churn out heavy riffs at a steady pace and do play some twin leads. That's just about the only good thing about this CD that I can think of. Otherwise it's quite horrible: messy production, weird drumming and a vocalist who makes Lemmy sound like a truly wonderful singer. The guy is just yelling and hollering thru the songs, like a drunken football hooligan. Almost funny. It's a good thing that the vocals are low in the mix.

The songs itself aren't much better, there are some decent guitar parts here 'n there but as soon as the "vocalist" starts yelling his head off, the songs become a joke. Thank you, next please.


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