Monday, October 3, 2011

VAIN: "Enough Rope"

Rating: 8/10

Label: Jackie Rainbow Records 2011

Review by Alan Holloway

Davy Vain scarred me for life back in 1989, strutting across the stage supporting Skid Row, wearing trousers made of, well, cellophane I think. With no underwear. Good as the music was (they were touring the classic “No Respect” album, after all), the man’s swinging wedding tackle was like a hypnotic pendulum. The only upside was that I was sure I was definitely not gay, but the nightmares…. they still haunt me.

So I should bear Vain at least a small grudge, but I don’t, and it’s great to hear them back and on great form with “Enough Rope”. As usual, there’s plenty of publicity blah, and it’s mentioned that this album ‘follows on seamlessly’ from their 1989 debut, and despite the fact that much of what’s said in press releases is hopeful bollocks, that phrase is right on the button. If this album had been released in 1990 to chase up “No Respect” it would have been praised to the skies. Although the 1991 album “All These Strangers” was good (finally released last year), this is much better. Davy Vain sounds exactly the same, all sleaze and swagger, and the songs are pure Vain. No other band can sound like this, like they’ve just woken up in the gutter with a used condom, a guitar and a fat girl’s number tattooed on their ass - this is proper, dirty sleaze music with pure heart and soul running through it. From the filth of “Triple X”, through the haunting ballad “Treasure Girl” right to closing balls out rocker “Worship”, this is exactly what fans have been waiting for.

In 2011, Vain aren’t exactly flavour of the month any more, but it’s heartening to see a band who can still hold a candle to their glory days. Released on their own label, “Enough Rope” should be eagerly snapped up by anyone who ever enjoyed “No Respect”, as it’s twenty years ago and Davy Vain’s testicles are once again dancing in front of my face… and I like it.