Friday, March 20, 2015

VIE JESTER: "Etches In Aether"

Rating: EP
Label: Indie 2015
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Surprise L.A. record of the week. What I especially enjoy about Vie Jester and their latest EP? They have this hybrid rock sound going on at eleven where monster guitar riffs met electronic elements. Not to mention clean and melodic melodies and vocals instead of the typical deranged U.S. cookie monster that in all honesty tend get on your nerves in the long run. They're building their structure on the simple basics of the highly technical power-trio of say: Galactic Cowboys, however, their electro artist is creating atmospheric textures making the three piece sound deeper and fresher for that matter.

Clearly not stuck in a time-warp, the five melodies on "Etches In Aether" are rather close to the hi-tech melodic metal sound of the late eighties. I certainly didn't expect this to be quite as melodic as it actually turned out to be. The guitar work is powerful and blessed with a creative array with technical metal riffs and neatly solos. The rhythm section is precise and basically the backbone of the band. The quality of the songs (Saint, Hollow Graffiti, Meridians, Dig It, Amplify) are all worthy of praise since they'll keep you on your toes throughout the EP. Technical stuff and basically the mix of everything from 80's hi-tech metal to Tool and grunge influence.

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