Sunday, March 22, 2015

UFO: "A Conspiracy Of Stars"

Rating: RRR
Label: SPV/Steamhammer 2015
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

UFO is still out there in space doing the rock that made them roll in the first place. No silly trick or gimmick and certainly no drug and alcohol consumption? Hell I don't know? They were known for having some of the wildest and craziest after show activities known to man, beast or Mötley Crue. Dodgy characters and hotel blacklists used to follow them around like the wild, the willing and the innocent stranger in the night with no place to run and the obsession for turning the lights out. No need to force it since there's no heavy pettin' on this record. Enough already. They get it.

Sure. There's no Pete 'Animal' Way or Michael 'Mental' Schenker for that matter. However, much like the latter and his brand new record, they're keeping it ever so real and true to their original sound. Bluesy hard rock with Mogg at the centre of attention. By the way Phil is sounding more or more like Bill Nighy (the U.K. actor) and 'Still Crazy' or perhaps it's the other way around? Speaking of Moore, Vinnie is indeed the excellent six-string bender with a marvelous sound on this record.

Some of the album tracks may just lack that special extra and killer choruses. Nonetheless. The more you play them, the more interesting they become and the voice of Mogg is like a familiar feeling of... wait a minute... I'm probably still thinking about' Still Crazy' here? Darn it. Okay. Okay. I have no long and vast experience of being the UFO fan (merely this century) and can't relate to the 'good old days'. But I still think of "A Conspiracy Of Stars" as the nice and solid record with a straight and simple rock sound. Simplicity is underrated and you won't end up feeling completely disappointed by the work of Mogg, Moore, Paul Raymond, Andy Parker and Rob De Luca.

They've been in more sticky situations than body glitter at the strip club and still they've managed to record a very decent album in the year of 2015! That's not too shabby. You know, considering they could/should have been dead for the past 30 years. Not far from 4 R's as in rating. UFO - still crazy!!!

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