Friday, March 13, 2015

MF RUCKUS – ‘Thieves Of Thunder’

Rating: RR

Label: Self Release

Review By: Alan Holloway

American band MF Ruckus are not trying to reinvent heavy metal, and to be honest that’s not always a bad thing. There’s nothing wrong with a good old metal album as long as it’s put together well and has a few killer tunes to liven up your day. ‘Thieves Of Thunder’, the band’s first effort, isn’t likely to blow anyone’s tiny little mind, but at least it’s not shit.

This is one of those albums that you can listen to several times without getting too excited or even remembering the intricacies of any of the songs (a weighty fifteen of ‘em here). It actually takes until the 11th track ‘Gasoline (For My Party machine)’ for me to sit up and take notice, mostly because it’s got a great, thundering intro with real pace and urgency. Elsewhere there’s hints of southern rock (‘All My Heroes Are In Hell’), and plenty of old school heavy metal, played well and backed up by a decent vocal job from Aaron Howell. The only real problem is that fifteen tracks later you’ll be hard pushed to remember anything about what you’ve just listened to.

‘Thieves Of Thunder’ is not a bad album, but nor is it a particularly good one. In the end, it’s an average heavy metal album made by people who obviously know what they’re doing. There’s no killer tracks, no hooks that stay in your mind, nothing that you would drag your mates round to hear. I don’t love it, I don’t hate it, but I doubt I will ever listen to it again. Sad, but true. 

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