Friday, March 13, 2015

BIAS - 'Heart & Mind EP'

Rating: N/A

Label: Self Release

Review By; Alan Holloway

It’s always nice when something intriguing and creative sneaks from under the cracks, and Italy’s Bias are one of those somethings. This five track EP is a precursor to a full album later in the year, and will certainly serve to whet the appetite of anyone who likes their Prog to be intelligent whilst mixing atmosphere with straight out rock.

The eventual album release will be a full on concept album, though I couldn’t tell you want it’s about from these five tracks myself. What’s interesting is the running order that goes slow, quick, slow, quick, slow, demonstrating the two sides to the band most effectively. Whilst the slower tracks are very atmospheric and quite powerful, the two faster ones bring to mind the likes of It Bites or 1980s IQ, whilst the whole thing has elements of Muse without being quite so whiny. Girogio Lai is the band’s mastermind, as well as vocalist and guitarist, and he does a fine job of holding everything together. Kudos, too, for Maurizio Baduena, who fills the very impornat prog role of keyboard player with aplomb.

‘Heart & Mind’ serves as a very good introduction to Bias, and has certainly whetted my appetite for the full release. This could well be one of the most interesting prog releases of 2015, by a band who have a chance to shake up the genre if they can get anyone to take notice of them. 

Listen and buy at Soundcloud: BIAS - 'Heart & Mind'

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