Monday, March 9, 2015

BITE THE SHARK – ‘Tantrum’

Rating: N/A
Label: Self Release

Review By: Alan Holloway

If you haven’t heard of Bite The Shark it’s no surprise, as ‘Tantrum’ is the first release from the unsigned Manchester three piece. The surprise is that no one has picked them up, because Bite The Shark have promise leaking out of them like pus from a zombie.

The music they make is fast, melodic punk pop that manages to sound fresh and original, quite a feat with so many other bands trying to be Blink 182. Bite The Shark remind me a little of Sugar Snatch, a forgotten UK punk act who also had a great ear for melody. Lead track ‘Rock & Roll In the Soul’ is a perfect opener, full or such energy, passion and raw power that it’s impossible not to get worked up when listening to it. ‘Little Fishy’ is more punky than the opener, and really mixes the attitude of old school punk rock and modern melody, smashing it like the Sex Pistols fighting with The Undertones. To be honest, the seven tracks (five on download, seven on physical) fly by, with the highlights being the opener and ‘Sleep When You’re Dead’, another very melodic and powerful song. It’s well produced and the band sound incredibly tight, with vocals that have an edge yet don’t resort to outright shouting.

Bite The Shark look like they could have a good future if they keep making music like this, and if you like your punk rock to have balls, melody and passion, this is a band you just have to check out. Just don’t get put off by the album cover, okay?

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