Monday, March 9, 2015

METRUM: "You Know"

Rating: RR
Label: Indie/FrogQueenMusic 2015
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

The person(s) behind the second rate digi-pack should bow their head(s) in shame! I spent the good 10 minute trying to get the disc out of the product without breaking it in half. Don't laugh. It's bloody awful. What? It's got nuthin' to do with the music of Metrum? Oh piss off. Fine. Let's try this again as I believe we're off to a rather dodgy start. Three years after their debut album Broken, the three musicians from Austria (yet another power-trio) are releasing their second album, "You Know". And yes, the daft punchline.

It's the 14-track concept album about the North-American born free-thinker who is drafted to fight in the Vietnam war. The dude goes AWOL (the classic U.S. deserter), gets caught by his commanding officer, tortured (wtf?) and finally wakes up from his long coma to find himself in a military hospital back home in the states. Wait a minute. They couldn't come up the Austrian concept story about say Adolf you-know-who (ouch!) or Arnold Schwarzenegger? Then again... it's the odd plot to any Arnold movie reject of the eighties. Bodybuilding. Dope. Dodgy acting. Gov. of California. The poor lovechild with the maid and the wrath of the Kennedy's - now there's a story to be told. The modern rock opera?

Their hearts definitely in the right places as they speak of human rights, sociopolitical issues and voluntary work. Their minds seem to wonder off at times though as this particular concept story is too weird and frankly just not relevant in comparison to musical and geographical background. They also seem to have taken lots of parts from various styles of metal (Tool, Mars Volta, Paradise Lost) and sadly not always the good bits. It strikes me as a statement more about free speech and freedom of art rather than great and original music. And no, it's not impossible to feature both on the same record.

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