Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ted NUGENT: "Shut Up & Jam"

Rating: RR
Label: Frontiers 2014
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Ted Nugent and his political view is according to most folks everything bad/wrong with America. The music on the other hand is a completely different issue. He does not force feed the listener too much b.s. (lyric-wise) and it's merely the hint of screaming eagles, Semper Fi, believing in America and the utter surprise line of 'I got a dream like Martin Luther King'. Really? Just like the King? What about the lazy welfare recipients part and did we even mention the subhuman mongrel happening. Ouch.

The music: Did he ever record the great album? The only song I know most people would think of as classic is "Cat Scratch Fever" and Lemmy & Motörhead did it better for that matter. This is surely not the man who is reputedly the loudest mouth and guitar maniac since the birth of rock n roll. This is a bunch of throwaway blues rockers that sounds like a shady practice session which turned into poor man's Chuck Berry on speed. It's so been there, done that, and not even a track like Cat Scratch Fever could have saved this from being below average. It's the sort of compositions that any second rate blues bar act could provide in their sleep.
And we're strictly speaking about the music. Always about the music.

The instrumental piece, "Throttledown", the best track here and you wish they could all be without the silly lyrics and vocals. Sammy Hagar guest appears on "She's Gone" and Ted's already gone and the same goes for yours truly. Dire, drivel, droll, doodle, ditty. Done.

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