Wednesday, August 20, 2014

MARTINA EDOFF: "Martina Edoff"

Rating: RRR
Label: MRM Production 2014
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Huge eighties mane and hairdo - check. Skin-tight leather pants and overall wicked outfit - check. Striking the classic rock pose in booklet pics - check. Alright then. Let's start up the engine as the Edoff is ready to takeoff on a journey through space and time. Martina is the rather familiar session and backing vocalist from Sweden with several big names and world tours on her track record. You'll find Edoff on many of the 90's Swedish Dance/Pop hits (Cherion productions) and artists such as Ace Of Base, Dr. Alban, E-Type, etc.

Don't go thinking that her solo album must be Euro-Dance pop though. Nothing could be further from the truth. More recently, you'd find her singing on Novak and Escape Music releases and her first and biggest love - classic melodic rock and especially the Wilson sisters and Heart. According to Martina, their self-titled release 'Heart' from 1985 "summarized everything that I love about music", end quote. 

Ten tracks of mid-tempo melodic rock and there's definitely a little bit of twang-guitar and R&B in between these softies which are all co-written by Martina Edoff. Well. With the exception of "Just Take My Heart" of course, since that's your Mr. Big cover and quite the smashing version too. To be honest. A couple of tracks could just as easily have been performed by Jill Johnson and even at times Shania Twain. Heart, you say? Absolutely. Bits and pieces, but not as much as expected really.

The quick track by track. Opener, "On The Top", mega catchy, twangy, boppin' stuff. Basically the 50/50 mix of Heart and Shania Twain and top notch killer vocals by Martina. "Back Home", great soft-rock in the style of the Thomas Vikström (Talk Of The Town, Candlemass) solo album from the nineties. "Who You Are", co-written by Lars Abrahamsson (Broke N Blue) is the throw-away softy. The blues/rock and bass-lines of "Hero" will soon have you thinking about Alannah Myles and Black Velvet. "Heartland (again co-written by Abrahamsson) eighties melodic rock with a catchy hook and everything. "Seeds Of Love" (Mother Nature Song) folk-rock-ish with a special nod to the seventies great. "Seduce Your Mind", catchy rock number and the perfect display of Edoff's impressive lead vocals. "My Moment", excellent rock with poppy refrain. The closing track, "Before I Die", the most uptempo classic rock tune of them all.

Final verdict: Overall darn solid. Excellent vocals, looks, and performances. I do however miss a couple of hooks (considering the style of music).

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