Sunday, August 10, 2014

ADRENALINE RUSH: "Adrenaline Rush"

Rating: RRR
Label: Frontiers 2014
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Previously known as cute pre-teen girl from the Swedish pop duo of Peaches in the early 00's (they had a minor hit in Sweden with 'Rosa Helikopter'), Tåve Wånning strikes back with melodic hardrock, lipstick, paint, and leather. Truth be told, it's basically just another project by Eric Mårtensson (Escape, WET) as he's responsible for co-writing all the songs, production and backing vocals. I don't believe that Tåve did anything beyond turning up at the studio and providing lead vocals and the mandatory shaking of the hips? But hey... Elvis Presley conquered the world on the same basic terms.

Adrenaline Rush are actually a five piece (?). Not a single member of the band managed to compose any of the 11 tracks though? Oh yes... that's always the sign of a great band. Hang on a minute... it reads ALL instruments by Mårtensson??? WTF? I guess the band did not play on the record? And you used to complain about Warrant and their guitarists back in the days. Shame on you. Cherry Pie for me.

The main question, however, what about the actual music on display? Not too shabby. Pop Metal or rather typical Mårtensson rock only with female vocals. Tåve is quite the poppy singer (style-wise) and her performances are very professional done and executed. I believe that fans of Erika (the original and first wife of Yngwie Malmsteen) might also get a kick out of these tracks and vocals. It bothers me to the extreme that both "Generation Left Behind" and "Girl Gone Wild" have either 'Hey Gone Wild' or 'Girls Gone Wild' as their main hook (choruses). Did they not notice the similarities? "Too Young To Die" is certainly catchy and you can all shout-a-long to its familiar refrain. Final verdict: Nice. Mildly catchy and decent fun on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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