Sunday, May 3, 2015

The LEISURE SOCIETY: "The Fine Art Of Hanging On"

Rating: RRRR
Label: FullTimeHobby/Border 2015
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

The Leisure Society, one of those folky/quirky acts that's been going the long way around in search of success. Clearly superior to a good few U.K. acts doing the rounds with much larger audience and hype. The dreamy landscape of The Fine Art Of Hanging On could have you thinking about everything from Burt Bacharach pop to Macca/Wings, traditional folk-rock, Brian Eno, and merely the hint of Wainwright and Marc Bolan (pre T-Rex era). It's dark blue colours and melancholy at its nearly best and not to mention slowest form. Don't expect a lot or hardly any uptempo tracks on this record though.

Performed from the heart and with thoughtworthy material that will have you in awe, it seems to speak to you with a message that reads: Don't be afraid of the silence, don't let the world of clutter bring/drag you down. Simply relax, breath in the air, and enjoy the adult music and fine crafted melodies of despair and sorrow. It's the ever so smooth yet complex folk Art-Pop/Rock with several fun passages and structures that bares the trademark of proper songwriting by Nick Hemming (ex. She Talks To Angels). "Wide Eyes At Villains", Macca must be smiling in agreement as this will clearly remind the ex. Beatle of his great mellow songs of the early/mid 70s.

Other tracks includes the horn section, flute, strings, and various sweeping sounds of the eighties synth and new wave movement. It's built around beautifully well-crafted melodies and slow-marching rhythms that's clearly just been waiting for your emotional outburst and response. It's got that nice flow to it and the opening title track, the perfect mix of new-folk and eighties new-wave. Recommended.

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