Sunday, May 3, 2015

EMMY SOPHIE: "Inte Som Förut"

Rating: EP
Label: Border 2015
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Emmy Sophie is the up and coming young singer/songwriter from Gothenburg, Sweden, and 'Inte Som Förut' (not like before or like it used to be), her first 7-track EP or possibly album? I'd go with the first option though. Very down-to-earth honest music and performer. The voice is warm and welcoming and the words are embracing you with personal issues about childhood memories (När Jag Var Liten), going astray or lost (Vilse), or simply just the everything will be alright kind of song (Det Ordnar Sig).

Swedish and English lyric where tracks such as "Bright Spots Building a Wall" and "Morningstars" (excellent tunes), are painting vivid pictures of the sophisticated artist with a certain knack for tender moments. I love the hit friendly 'Hon Står På Tå' and it's surely something for Swedish daytime radio to pick up a.s.a.p. It's overall the gather around the bonfire kind of platter with the great production and seasoned studio and backup musicians such as Mats Lindberg (Robyn, Timo Räisänen, Miss Li, Natasha Bedingfield, Jill Jonsson, Björn Skifs), Thomas Fanto (Mwendo Dawa, Ulf Dageby, Cosmic Agogo) and the rest of Den Ofattbara Orkestern with 35+ years of experience in the business.

The opening title track, the sweet surprise and car driving track with a sound that harks back to the laid-back west coast era of the seventies. Melissa Horn, Cajsa Stina Åkerlund, and the basic structure of Carole King are coming to mind while listening and something like, 'När Jag Var Liten', takes the shape and form of the blues meets the lullaby kind of track. All in all this is a fine debut from a fine debutant.

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