Thursday, May 21, 2015

KEZIA: "The Dirty Affair"

Rating: RRR
Label: LogicIllogic 2015
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Manic rockers and simply put the wicked fusion of Prog, Pop, Rock, Swing and electro. It's the vivid art-rock act from Brescia, Italy with a soft spot for the unexpected and bizarre. Influences and inspiration from acts such as System Of A Down, Pavlov's Dog, Frank Zappa, Dream Theatre, The Sparks? Squeeze all these acts together like an orange crush and end up with Kezia? Yeah. It's never that easy and you know it. Obviously never quite as superb as above mentioned acts. However, they certainly don't shun craziness, in fact they embraces it with all the power and might of Italian pizza and pasta.

It's the groovy acid trip of ups and downs where the listener is constantly forced to believe in outlandish arrangements and over-the-top vocals by the impressive Pierlorenzo Molinari. The overall structure is progressive rock, but they move in between the Dream Theatre-ish to the bizarre of Zappa to the aggressive attitude of SOAD and the playfulness of The Sparks. Opening track, "Before I Leave", the most Prog-metal-ish track of them all and also the weakest in my humble opinion. The interplay between piano and guitar is fun though and it's nicely done and executed.

"Ebola", System Of A Down meets Pavlov's Dog meets The Sparks, and I like it. "The Dirty Affair (Between Pelican and Bear)", good, but really too weird to express. "Sneakers", the real story of Roy Sullivan, the ranger with the gift of immortality. "Barabba's Son's Song", everyone remembers Jesus but nobody talks 'bout Barabba. Bombastic keyboards/piano and the complex structure with plenty of oddities. It's the terracotta pie syndrome with over-the-top (melodic) melodies and overall psychotic agenda. One for the open-minded to check out asap. Definitely worthy of your attention.

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