Thursday, May 14, 2015


Rating: Rr
Label: PrescriptionPR/BFRecords 2015
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

No. Sorry. But I'm going to vote no on 'No'. When asked why Bodyface would title an album 'No' the band say it is, "because we are living in an age of negativity and No is a product of its times. People's lives are not defined by what they are told not to do. To this we say, No". Fair enough. I'm still going to slam the door with a sturdy 'No' and better luck next time though. Sorry about the negativity and lack of understanding.

To be frank. The song material does not impress in my humble opinion. I'm not keen on the speaking/talking vocals for that matter. Not to mention that it's all very Kerrang of the 00's past. Alternative noise rock with hardly any finesse or hooks. The press-release is trying to convince us otherwise though, saying that we are currently experiencing a period wherein big choruses and sweeping vocals are increasingly seen as uncool, in short, a style that people are saying 'No' to. Thus why Bodyface decide to skip them? Well... 'No', they're obviously trying their best to include them? No? I don't know.

The low-key vocals and second rate Jawbreaker and Bad Religion style does not impress in this particular case. Whispering Jack aka Jared Kerr (vocals/guitars) gives monotone a completely new meaning. It's all good during tracks such as "Dog", "It's Hard To Be Yourself", and the skater friendly title track of "No". It's unfortunately back to the whining/whispering kind of vocals in the next minute or two. Just say no to No? Well. Some of you might enjoy 'No' and say Yes? No?

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