Sunday, May 3, 2015

GOLDSMACK: "Wild Season"

Rating: EP
Label: PrescriptionPR/Border 2015
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Not to be confused with Godsmack or any other kind of potent drug for that matter. Goldsmack are a psychedelic power pop trio from Italy with experiential lust as their biggest asset and strength. To be honest. I'm utterly gobsmacked (or should that be Goldsmacked?) by their mesmerizing melodies and dark rock material. You have the female (Georgia Minelli) and male singing which instantly would have you thinking about Nico and Lou Reed and there's quite a lot of The Velvet Underground's basic concepts on this EP. You could go even further back in time and hint the Nancy Sintara and then move forward to a more 'modern' output of Nick Cave. It's all there and it's all pretty darn good.

It's soul strengthening material comprised of five tunes complicated yet simple enough in their own brilliance as to make them instant indie rock classics. Not a shred of the at times (too) lively accent of Italo artists and the compositions give you the alley scent and sounds of New York City rather than a small village in gentle hills of northern Italy. The three of Minelli, Dave Tebaldi, and Luca Bagatti, are childhood friends who started a band to escape isolation and broaden their horizon. The style and extravagance of the three should be enough to cause interest from far and beyond.

They might just still need that extra special kind of song that would literally shake the foundations. However, tracks like "Good Morning Star", "A Wild Wild Season", "Kids With Guns", and "Of Human Bondage", are superb enough to have us wanting and longing for more. I'd say they're on the very brink of success. Goldsmacked indeed. 'Be still my wicked heart, be still my wicked heart'...

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