Tuesday, May 19, 2015

LIPSTICK: "Lipstick" (Re-issue)

Rating: R
Label: LGRec. 2015
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Get the glitter out of the gutter. Steal the Lipstick from your Mother? I don't know. It's all a bit too weird. The re-release of the 2014 platter feature all 12 songs from the original release of Lipstick's debut, along with 4 new bonus tracks and a short essay written by the band's mascot, the infamous cartoon cat known as Mr. Cool. Where do I begin... to tell the story of how great a... wrong melody.

I'm desperately searching for the political correct words or basically anything to type down on a positive note and manner. But darn it, the cartoon cat of Mr. Cool, probably the best thing about the U.S. Nashville band. It's Glam Rock that would stand out as a friggin' terrorist amongst dodgy Glam rockers. Ka-blaam. It's exploding stuff. One dimensional songs and vocals that your daft neighbours band would be proud of as they've been drinking their day away. Back to the drawing board. Get your act together. Sign up as the participant of the intensive songwriting and vocal weekend crash course. Yours truly could do with the same re: reviews? Nah..

... And that's everything on a positive note. Now let's move on to the negativity. Harsh, but tongue-in-cheek. Highlight, the piano ballad of "I Want The World To Know". Lipstick were aiming for a simple Glam sound and that's exactly what you get. Unfortunately poo brown rather than cherry red. Don't let me stop you from checking out the band though.

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  1. I like this band. I think they're cool!