Sunday, October 12, 2014

Teri TIMS: ”Teri Tims”

Rating: RR

Label: Z Records 2014
Review by Kimmo Toivonen

Who’s fooling who? ”It’s been a long time coming but finally we can confirm that Teri Tims debut album will be released during September of this year through Z Records.” A-hem. I reviewed this album already in December 2001. Almost 13 years ago! Nothing much has changed, even the cover photo is the same, just slightly photoshopped. I guess I can just use my original review. Let’s take a look at it:

”Let me start this review by saying that Teri Tims is probably the best female vocalist to have emerged from the AOR scene during the last few years. She has a voice that can be described as a combination of Alannah Myles, Shania Twain and Debbie Davis (of cult AOR band Witness), and I might add that she has got the looks to match too...Paul Sabu, his husband and the producer/co-writer of this a album is talented guy too, having produced and penned some excellent songs for the likes of Silent Rage, Alexa and Only Child. Unfortunately, 1 + 1 isn't always two, this time it's more like 1 and a quarter!

There are two major problems with this album: the songs and the production. I would say that the thin and lifeless production is the biggest flaw, I think that a more vivid and powerful sound might have helped a few of the songs to come to life, but now they just sound like pre-production demos. The programmed drums and the metallic guitar sounds do not appeal to me at all. Actually, the closest reference soundwise would be those early Shania Twain demos that Mr. Sabu also produced.

When it comes to the songs, there's at least light at the end of the tunnel: there are a few quite good songs here, like the awesome AOR track "Midnite In Your Eyes", very Sabu-like "Rock Hard" and the new country-ish ballad "Home Is Where The Heart Is". However, many of the other songs do not have hooks sharp enough to raise them above the dull production. And what the hell is "I Can Never Dance Enough" anyway? A country rock track with a Nu-metal chorus?

If it wasn't for Teri's brilliant vocals, my rating would've been lower. The next time around I sincerely hope that Teri and Paul will a) write quite a few songs as good as "Midnite In Your Eyes" and b) hire a drummer for gods sake!”

I don’t know whether all or some of these songs were re-recorded, remixed or whatever, but they still sound uninviting, sterile and lifeless. Teri’s fine vocals are the only saving grace of this album. And to be honest, I don’t know how I rated this album as worthy of 6 out of 10 (the system we were using back then), on the strength of three decent songs (the "awesome AOR track" above may be stretching it a bit) and good vocals… otherwise, I still stand by my original review.

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