Thursday, October 2, 2014


Rating: RR

Label: Nightmare Records 2014
Review by Kimmo Toivonen

Don’t know why, but I was expecting something quite different. Modern metal or proggy art rock or something, because of the band name and the artwork probably… instead Six Minute Century gives us an album that sounds like it could have been released in 1987. By a band that’s not quite sure about their direction, so they’ve thrown all their influences into the mix. That means that they play somewhat progressive, at times thrashy, melodic power metal.

Vocalist Chuck Williams steals the show more than often, but not necessarily in a good way. His vocals are definitely an acquired taste, slightly reminding me of Lizzy Borden but way more piercing. I guess it’s down to the songs too - if he had more interesting melodies to sing, I could probably tolerate them better. I do like Lizzy Borden…

Somewhere along the line we’ll get an instrumental track with the bass player Michael Millsap being the main soloist. Not the most usual choice, and probably because of that ”Czardas” is one of the better tracks of the album. I thought I heard some familiar melodies of some Finnish folk songs in it, but I might be wrong…  anyway, a little bit later,  in the track number 11, ”Hell’s Gate”, the Bass Solo makes a comeback.

”Wasting Time” is an ambitious album, there’s plenty of tempo changes, furious playing and high-pitched singing. Unfortunately the songs don’t have much in the way of hooks or anything else for me to hang onto. Recommended for those who like their eighties’ styled metal kind of complex and anti-commercial. And bass enthusiasts.

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