Wednesday, October 22, 2014

CELEBRATING Jon LORD: "Various Artists"

Rating: Live
Label: earMusic 2014
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Celebrating Mr. Hammond a.k.a. John "I'am the Walrus" Lord. No longer with us in the flesh only in spirit. However, the music and the reputation as the greatest(?) keyboard player ever will certainly live on as long as there are hard rock fans walking around on this planet. The good news first. Proceeds from sales of these CDs and DVDs benefit the Jon Lord trust, set up to fund projects to stop cancer or whatever (no, I didn't get the press release). The bad news. I seriously doubt the man himself would have picked these songs to celebrate his years as the musician?

CD 2 is just another Deep Purple (of today) concert with the following tracks: Uncommon Man. Above And Beyond. Lazy. When A Blind Man Cries. Perfect Strangers. Black Night. Hush. The latter the all-star turn-out with Bruce Dickinson, Rick Wakeman, Phil Campbell, Bernie Marsden, and Micky Moody. It would have been more interesting to have the Deep Purple members performing music from the Lord's solo albums and other projects of the past. Now it's just more of the same. Oh well.

CD 1 do feature a couple of oddities though and the first couple of tracks are the most interesting ones in my opinion. Paul Weller (The Jam) sings "Things Get Better" and "I Take What I Want" (feat: Micky Moody) from the Artwoods daze/days and it's a lot more fun than listening to the same DP stuff. "Silas And Jerome” and "I'm Gonna Stop Drinking" are from the Paice/Ashton/Lord project and both sung by Phil Campbell from The Temperance Movement. Paice, obviously behind the kit and Bernie Marsden at the six string. Then you have Glenn Hughes and Bruce Dickinson singing Purple songs. No sign of either Blackmore nor Coverdale though. Nice and cozy, but hardly essential stuff.

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